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Boojie Ducks

Boojie Ducks are here to kick ass and chew

bubble gum… and they are all out of bubble gum.


What the heck are Boojie Ducks?

There is a universe where ducks rule the world. These Boojie Ducks are a collection

of crypto connoisseurs. These ducks can be a bit flashy and they love talking about crypto.

They talk about crypto at parties, family gatherings and in their sleep.

Using various trading strategies these Boojie Ducks are looking to take over the world If you see a

Boojie duck with a crown, that’s a crypto whale get out of their way.

Which Boojie Duck are you?



  • We will be launching our Boojie ducks merch online store so we can make prints for Boojie Duck fans at a knock out price!
  • Donation to: Doctors Without Borders: An international medical humanitarian organisation.
  • 50 Boojie Ducks giveaway
  • 4 Different Gradient backgrounds

  • 3 Different chains and counting

  • 10 Different headwear

  • 14 different shades

Why buy a Boojie Duckie?


Each boojie Duck NFT gives you the commercial rights to that specific art piece so you can create

beautiful art with your Boojie duckie NFT. Sell prints, stickers etc, it’s yours to show off.

3 Different types of Boojie ducks.

The Hodlr

The Trader

The whale

Rarity percentage 50%

Silver Necklace

BTC chain


Pink | Blue | Green | Black | Red

Neon Glasses

All wavy neon glasses | All Outline neon glasses




Hands down stance

Rarity percentage 40%

Gold Plain Necklace

BTC Chain

Top hats

Pink | Blue | Green | Red

Shutter glasses

Pink | Blue | Green | Black | Red


Orange | Green


One hand Peace up

Rarity percentage 10%

Gold Nugget chain

BTC chain

Whale crown

Hypnosis Glasses

Orange neon | Green neon




2 Hands peace up

Behind the scenes

Just one simple duck trying to bring value and entertainment to the NFT community.


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a cool way of saying it’s a truly unique digital item that YOU can buy, own, and trade.

How many will be minted?

We will be releaseing 1,400K Boojie Ducks.

What can I do with my Boojie Ducks / How can I trade them?

You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license. Boojie Ducks adheres to the ERC-115 so you can trade them on platforms like OpenSea.

Will you be launching an ecommerce store?

Yes, we plan to launch an ecommerce store to bring you physical prints of Boojie Ducks.

What network will be used for this project?

Booojie Ducks will be minted on Opensea using the Polygon network.

When will Boojie Ducks be released?

Boojie Ducks will be launched in a series of waves.

The first step is to begin our giveaway on 1/2/2022

Giveaway details here

The 1st  wave of 200 Boojie Ducks will be released on Opensea starting at only $5  | Date: TBD

The 2nd wave will be 300 Boojie Ducks for $15 | Date: TBD

The 3rd wave 500 duckies $25 | Date: TBD

The final wave of 400 will be available on Opeansea for $40 | Date: TBD

Be sure to follow us on our social media and sign up to be notified of our giveaway winners along with the first wave release alert!

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